Veronika Bauer

TSLP-Veronika-portrait-smProfessional Experience
Veronika is the Chief Operating Officer of the firm and Head of German Operation. She has more than 15 years of experience in developing global business strategies, process optimization and organizational transformation, and worked on global leadership development, developing cross-cultural competence, and building high-performing multi-cultural teams. She has worked with clients in Europe, the Americas, Asia and South Africa, with leading industrial clients like Siemens, International Paper, Merck or Allianz as well as in the public sector for the European Union.

The key driver of her work is to cause transformation and grow personally, always with a strive for excellence. This applies to working with our valued clients as much as to guiding our firm’s internal operation and development. Veronika is committed to creating an environment for clients and ourselves to embark on an on-going journey to make change real and tangible on a personal and organizational level.

When working with clients, she masterfully combines her analytical strengths with holistic and intuitive perception in supporting clients to navigate through journey of business growth, leadership development and organization transformation. She strives to find the right integration of content and process, business and people, as well as strategy and culture, in a pragmatic, friendly, humorous way.

Prior to working at Tong Schraa-Liu & Partners, Veronika worked for The Bridge Consultants – an international intercultural training and leadership consultancy. She has set up and mange two start-up companies. Prior to that she worked eight years as a management consultant for the Boston Consulting Group in Munich, Boston and Hong Kong.


Veronika obtained a master and PhD in electrical engineering and computer science from the Technical University of Munich, Germany. She is fluent in German and English.