The firm and team strive to engender conscious self-renewal and to be sustainable as a living whole-system.
Below principles underline our approach in serving and working with clients:

  • Our client is the hero, the power and wisdom to progress lies within the client and its systems; we are the servers, catalysts and partners in making it happen;
  • Developmental – connecting complex business, people, organizational and societal challenges to the innate developing rhythm and process of these, leveraging the challenges as vehicles to development and growth and for achieving more mastery, results and contributions;
  • Systemic – working on personal, inter-personal, organizational and eco-systemic dimensions simultaneously and in real-time;
  • Holistic – addressing both inner (values, attitudes, worldviews, intentions, commitments, essences) and outer aspects (skills, capacities, actions and behaviors, forms and structures) of the above four systemic dimensions;
  • Pragmatic and realistic – being client-centric, in co-creative partnership, our intervention is geared towards producing tangible and lasting results and solutions;
  • Capacity building and transfer – developing clients’ internal capacity and sustainable practices and systems in pursuing business and development goals independent of us.