We serve clients in private business sector, public and government sector, consulting industry, educational institutes, international multilateral institutions and NGOs; and work with both small and large entities. We enter client engagements and partnerships mainly based on their genuine commitment to make a difference and their pioneering courage to shape and create a positive future, not merely in terms of their names, sizes or other parameters.

A list of our selected past and current clients:

Private Sector:

ArcelorMittal (India), Aker Group (Finland), Asian Sources Media Group (Hong Kong and Singapore), Bank of Beijing (China), Bantrel (Canada), Deerns Group (The Netherlands), Docomo NTT (Japan), Dow Chemicals (USA), DSM (The Netherlands), Ericson (Sweden), General Electric (USA), General Motors (USA), ING Group (The Netherlands), KPN Mobile (The Netherlands), The Linde Group/BOC (Germany), Lafarge (France), Lenovo (China), Nemak (Mexico), Nike (USA), Nokia (Finland), Numasho (Japan), Philips (The Netherlands), PepsiCo (USA), Price Waterhouse Coopers (USA), Technip (Malaysia), Telfort (The Netherlands), UMN (Nepal), Volkswagen (Germany), Vopak (The Netherlands).

International Institutions and Multilateral Agencies:

United Nations, European Union, International Criminal Court, International Organization for Migration.

Public Sector and NGO’s:

UK National School of Government, Chinese Government, Ethiopian Government, Dutch Government, European Institute For Public Administration, Global Security Institute, Government of Philippines, Indian Government, Netherlands Institute of Internal Relations Clingendael, US Government, Singapore Temasek Polytechnic, StartFund, Sustainable Enterprise Action Learning Institute.

How our clients describe our work and us:

...acquisitions that expanded our global footprint, Tong and her team helped us to leverage our global diversity as a core strength. She guided us to align our newly expanded company and take the necessary steps to becoming a global high-performance organization. Having Tong’s vision and expertise on our team was very key in capturing value as we moved forward as a united yet diverse and global entity.”
– Manuel Rivera, CEO, Nemak

...Nadia and what her work with us at IRC have brought to IRC and to our Leadership Capacity Building program. Without this work, IRC would not have the strong program we have today. In fact, because of these efforts, IRC Ethiopia is now the leader within the IRC global organization for Leadership Development.”
– David Murphy, Country Director, International Rescue Committee (IRC) Ethiopia

...team development, Tong brought skilfully her background in Eastern and Western cultures into the program and enabled everybody to value diversity and to bring their own experience and strength as contributing factors to the team. A year later we still make frequently reference to her work with us. More importantly, as a result of that work, team performance became stronger and still continues to grow.
Personally I enjoyed working with Tong: She brings deep human insights to the process and can effortlessly connect hard business goals with soft human and cultural elements. Her respect to all people and characters is inspiring and she can explain even serious matters with a touching sparkle in her eyes.”
- Achim Hupperts, Chief Operations Officer (COO)
DSM Resins & Functional Materials

...MBA studies in Amsterdam. She was so inspirational to me, to the extent that I decided to pursue further research and career in Cross Cultural Management, with her motivation and support. She brought the practical experience from the organization into the class room, combined with deep knowledge on theories and concepts. Her ability to explain theoretical concepts with live examples was unique. Her class was so good that we would not want to miss any. Also, she possesses the exceptional qualities of a top educator: she has the confidence in class, very patient and have true compassion for her students, very understanding with the ability to look at life in a different way and to explain a topic in a different way, she is very dedicated to excellence with unwavering support and straight feedback for us to grow. Above all, she has the ability and willingness to help students and takes pride in their accomplishments."
- Alex Asampong, Lecturer - International HRM / Culture/ Management/Organisation
University Utrecht, The Netherlands

...from Allan Henderson’s expert management-consulting work with us. Allan helped us create UNDP’s first (and the UN’s largest) environment group through a six-month design and restructuring exercise involving more than 100 UN staff. The results were dramatically far-reaching and long-lasting in terms of increased productivity and satisfaction in the workplace. The bottom line is that our confidence in Allan is so great that we will be retaining him again in the coming months to assist us further."
- Dr. Charles I. McNeill, Senior Policy Advisor, EEG,
United Nations Development Programme

...metallic parts enhancement company, through the cross border merger of two long-standing industrial global icons – DISA (Denmark) and Wheelabrator (USA). Given the nature of the cultural complexity (combined operations in 21 different countries); we worked with Tong to create a cultural-based integration process. Tong and her team took us through a structured and disciplined process of creating a shared values and vision through a common understanding of the cultural strengths within the newly created business. Four years later, we are still relying on this initial work as the basis of our value system. It is at the heart of all we do.”
- Rob Joyce, CEO Norican Group

...too easy to source someone who has read the books, understood the theories, made some slides and can hold the room. Much more difficult is to find someone who clearly walks their trans-cultural talk, who is a living demonstration that, in Kurt Lewin’s words, “there is nothing so practical as a good theory.” Tong ticks all of those boxes. A skilled educator, consultant, presenter, she holds a room with ease, inviting the participants to reflect upon their own cultural baggage and how it shows up in their leadership practice. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone.”
- David Wright, Program Director Top Management Program,
UK National School of Government

...with a vibrancy and richness one usually only imagines. I believe the reason for this is Allan’s ability to be a powerful reflection for me in the midst of my creative efforts—an unconditional listening when I am struggling to generate new possibilities—and his ability and willingness to be a brilliant intellectual guide. Mostly he is a resource that gives fully and demands nothing, affording another the opportunity to create futures that are both rewarding and surprising."
- Steven M. Pontes, president, Pontes Financial Group, U.S.A.

...a leader, a collaborator, a teacher, a coach, and more. I was constantly impressed by Nadia’s ability to stand firmly in any of these roles as they were needed, while also allowing space for each member of our team to step into their own learning edge."
- Gregory Flynn, Organization Change Manager at University of Washington

...was acquired. She manages to give us the capability and the confidence to turn an alien into an ally. I highly recommend Tong and her firm's work"
- Tjalling Timstra, CFO, Hagemeyer Group

...circumstances along with the compassion she has for people connected to her makes her the most reliable friend and efficient person. I have confidence in her ability to challenge any tough circumstances with her supreme leadership skills."
- Teigist Lemma Dessalegn, Elder Broker Co-cordinator & Outreach Coordinator,
at Ethno-cultural Council of Calgary, Canada

...activity of the Fred Foundation. In the 4 months that we have worked together I was impressed by Tong's expertise as consultant, dedication, focus, compassion and discipline, to accomplish her work. Her style of work is committed, intense and results-focused: She keeps on involving and stimulating all team members in the transition process and helps to create a stronger bond amongst them while producing tangible results jointly. On an individual level Tong has helped all of us to get a deeper connection with the true motivation of our work. Tong is a person of integrity. As far as I can see “she walks her talk."
- Fred Matser, Chairman Fred Foundation

...the field of organizational development, partnership building and leadership development. I have no hesitation in saying that Allan Henderson and his team is the best, providing the most effective and generative platforms for people at all levels to discover themselves and to take effective action.
Allan combines extraordinary skills. His ability to develop others and to generate concrete actions and results from program participants is unique. His clarity in theoretical aspects combined with practical considerations makes him very effective. His design skills are extraordinary, and he listens keenly to incorporate what the client (in this case, the UN) would like to see happen.
Allan’s extensive engagement with developing countries in every region of the world makes him a valuable asset. I recommend him very highly."
- Dr. Monica Sharma, director, Leadership & Capacity Development, OHRLLS,
United Nations

...skills, Nadia also has a consistent positive attitude showing tremendous optimism and flexibility. Being respected by both our national and international staff and clients, Nadia routinely helps bring our team closer together and assists us in achieving our goals. She has a strong reputation and we would be pleased to work with her again at any time going forward. I am confident she will do well with any challenges she faces.
It has been a privilege to serve as a co-trainer and partner in leadership development with Nadia here in Ethiopia."
- Steadman D. Harrison, Regional Director, Africa, Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)

...extraordinarily gifted and integral leader, facilitator, and coach."- Jamie Selby, Manager - Change Management, Phillips

...Leadership. With Tong's guidance, we assessed the gap in cultural competence of our leaders and then created a plan to help bridge the gap, focusing both on the level of individual competence development, as well as on the level of organizational systems, so that cross-cultural competence can be developed in a systemic and sustainable manner at both these levels. Tong is highly competent, collaborative, and truly partnership orientated."
- Adam Travis, Global Director Diversity, Nokia

...say, and that is mostly on how to become successful in business and personal life, Nadia is one of the foremost talents in developing leaders. Her leadership courses and consultation work with both local and international is well noted….
She is of international caliber. Her exposure throughout the world, has shaped her into a strong and well sought after consultant. She works from the trenches of the Americas to the Cape of Africa."
- Nahu Senay Girma, Founder and Past President, Association of Women in Business (AWiB)

...challenges related to the multi-cultural and multi-stakeholders working environment and dynamics of international relations of EU civil servants are facing. And they provided the unique approach and practices to help us embrace and thrive through these challenges. Their work is definitely to be recommended!"
- Gosia Lachut, Officer Asia Pacific, European Union, EEAS

...thoughtful: works hard to fully appreciate and understands the context of her assignment; she’s professional: able to set realistic expectations, designs appropriate work for the task and delivers results beyond our expectations – among her many attributes. She does it effortlessly and with a warmth and respect that made us think, for just a moment, that we’d actually done all the work ourselves, when in reality she’d cleverly moved us forward without imposing in our process and growth. Nadia produces a high volume of work while maintaining standards of superb quality and results.
Nadia takes initiative beyond the expected, driving us to look beyond the parameters of the task for something special and extraordinary. There are no surprises when working with Nadia, she quietly and confidently builds her understanding of the task to fit with ease into the organizational development, demands and ethics.
I remain in debt to Nadia for her endless support, encouragement and analysis of our work and organization. Again, exceptional in all regards."
- Gillian Brewin, Country Representative, Digital Opportunity Trust Ethiopia

...Global Leadership Development Program, where Tong was our faculty member. She brought in a unique perspective on Leading in today’s fast changing and dynamic world, where globalization is inevitable, that we can all benefit and become stronger if we acknowledge the strengths of different cultures. It’s about pulling the best out of all and create a promising new future for human being, at least starting from MNCs. Tong and her approach is unique in a way that, as an educator, consultant, counselor, and facilitator, she ‘practices the way she preaches.’ She was observant, mindful, and sensitive to people’s behavior, feeling, and reaction to things, during and beyond the program. Her love and care extended to those who worked as training administrator, to the hotel waiters, and drivers etc. she demonstrated us the true spirit of ‘culture reconciliation.’ In short, her work and way of being go beyond the program and have lasting positive effect on participants' mindset and behaviors. I highly recommend Tong and her firm's work to other Multinationals facing the same challenges as GE."
- Maggie Zhao, Director Organizational Development, GE Healthcare

...the intangibles that lead to success in the workplace are in order with her. Nadia possesses the ultimate "can do" attitude while taking on all tasks with a positive energy and a smile. Her upbeat personality and engaging personal style enables her to interact effectively with all staff members in our organization. She is very well organized and keeps track of the details necessary to coordinate events of this kind and run an efficient training and facilitation.”
- Biruk Yosef, Communications Officer & Training Facilitator, Digital Opportunity Trust - DOT Ethiopia

...growing knowledge of how people think and how to communicate with people such that they can achieve their personal and professional goals. She does an amazing job of mixing technical content into material we can engage in with others. Nadia is constantly learning and adapting her work to meet its audience with precision and expertise. She is a fantastic person to work with and learn from.”
- Briana Harper, Operations Management at McMaster-Carr

...for individual and organizational development is matched by her grace, wisdom and focus. I have seen her work with groups and have been deeply impressed by her ability to hold both process and content in balanced perspective and to work with each in ways that seem organic and appropriate. This ability not only to "hold space" but also to shape it by bringing constituent parts together in ways that resolve differences and create new futures that were not possible before makes her an invaluable addition to any group." - Matthew Wesley, Founder/Advisor, The Wesley Group