Jelle Troelstra

TSLP-Jelle-portrait-smProfessional Experience
Jelle is the Chief Culture Officer of the firm and Head of Government Sector. He has 20 years of experience in public management and policy making in the public sector. He consults and supports governments and public authorities in policy development, in the field of spatial planning, environment, transport, airports, and renewable energy. He is a systematic and clear thinker, with passion and eyes for generating new pathways for individual and organizational clients to excel and grow. As a nature lover, his drive is to look for sustainable solutions for the environment. He is goal and result-oriented, and has a keen perception for people, organizations and societies’ developmental needs.

His work covers both the content side of public policy-making as well as the process and organizational effectiveness side. His content work includes the complete range of visioning, formulating, decision-making and implementing multiple-stakeholder projects. His process work has the special focus on the effectiveness of the policy-making process, productive team dynamics, organizational and cross-cultural aspects of implementation. He is a master synthesizer in aligning and integrating diverse interests of multiple stakeholders involved in public management on a higher level, to catalyze sustainable results for all parties: ministries, local governments, interest groups, and business corporations. One of the key tools in facilitating policy-making processes and in formulating implementable policies and legislation, is the creative process through writing with coherence and clarity.

Jelle studied environmental sciences in The Netherlands. He is also a coach, supporting clients in clarifying their personal and organizational aspirations and operationalizing these in their developmental paths.