Chris Tamdjidi

Professional Experience
Chris has more than 10 years experience on Global Leadership Development, authentic leadership and personal transformation. Acting as a consultant, facilitator and coach, Chris is passionate about enabling individuals and organizations to bring about the personal and structural transformation required to lead and function in an authentic and successful way. He has worked with clients in Europe, USA and Asia.

In addition to his above work, Chris has been building 3 businesses in the last 7 years. For him, it is important to both hold operative responsibility and to lead — being grounded continually in everyday operational realities and to deal with the issues faced by global leaders. He is co-founder and director of the Kalapa Leadership Academy, which focuses on authentic leadership development, with emphasis on mind training. He is director and owner of an Hotel Management company that runs a castle hotel in Southern Germany, and a director of a non-profit training company, that offers training to professionals in the fields of well-being and healthcare in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.

Prior to this he worked for 7 years for The Boston Consulting Group in its Munich, Kuala Lumpur and London offices. He specialized in the automotive and industrial goods practices and primarily worked on strategic, organizational change, marketing and new-product development projects, as well as on E-Commerce. In addition, he was acting-Director of a European network of 75 meditation centers for 7 years, during which time he immersed himself in thousand-year-old methods of mind training and personal transformation.

Chris has a degree in Physics from the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London University, and an MBA from UT in Austin, USA. He mainly grew up in Asia and the Middle-East and is one of the first generation of people who have to look at their passport to remember what their nationality is. Chris speaks German and English, has working knowledge of  French and Dutch.