Emilio Cereijo

Professional Experience
Emilio has 20 years of experience in leading and facilitating multi-cultural, multi-stakeholders multi-location and multi-year project collaborations. His approach integrates both the soft aspect of collaboration – alignment of people’s mind and heart, commitment, and ways of working – and the hard aspect of achieving business and financial results in a timely manner. He is an expert in synthesizing cultural differences, leading multi-cultural teams, bringing the best from diverse team members, creating breakthroughs from conflicts and breakdowns, and in managing stakeholders for creating lasting values for all parties involved. He has worked and consulted in Brazil, Italy, Russia, India, France, China, the Netherlands and Spain.

His drive and intention for the work with clients is to create a learning environment, in which people with different perspectives and backgrounds can be mobilized to create lasting values together for relevant stakeholders and to grow together.

Prior to work at Tong Schraa-Liu & Partners, Emilio has contributed to the development of a brand of hostels by completing projects successfully in Barcelona, Paris and Rome. Emilio led his own Project Management Company, which included projects for investment funds. Specifically, he led various real estate projects for Redwood Investment Fund in Spain, India and Moscow, for Patron Capital Partners and for Blackstone Group. Prior to this, he was the General Manager for Cataluña for ECHarris responsible for expanding the business and leading a team of professionals to deliver the projects to the clients. After completing university, Emilio worked for Dragados as site manager and when he left the company he was the Director for Cataluña of the waste management and facilities service branch of the company, leading a team of 40 professionals and a work force of 2.000 people.

Emilio has also been a Professor of Project Management in the Polytechnic University in Barcelona since 1999, and a Professor of Project Management in Il Politecnico di Milano in 2014 and 2015.

Emilio graduated as a Civil Engineer from the Polytechnic University in Barcelona, Emilio has also a PDD (Programa de Desarollo Directivo) from the IESE Business School. Emilio is fluent in Spanish, Catalan, Italian, English, French, and Portuguese.